Must have Mondays

travel coordinating

{coordinating my luggage to my travel outfit – yes I am that person}

adorable kitten books

{comical kitten books for a new cat owner}

10Things To Do in Your 20s

{10 moves you should do in your 20’s}

my favorite donuts

{my favorite donuts + a Nespresso to kick start my trip in Dallas}

old fashion soda shop

{an old fashion soda shop}

Happy Monday!



Must have Mondays

Rihanna:Emenim Concert

{an early birthday present to someone special – Eminem and Rihanna at the Rose Bowl}

Dinner in Malibu

{the only place where I can enjoy sushi & Mexican food together – it’s not as gross as it sounds}


{an evening of baseball and dodger dogs}


{a glimpse of the sun setting over downtown}


{as promised – the adorable Harvey trying so hard not to fall asleep here}

With working overnights for the last few days (and weeks ahead of me) I barely make time to eat. It’s ridiculous how sleeping during the day can really affect my body and overall daily living routine. So I apologize for no post Friday. With that said, I was still able to fit in some exciting and new events in over my weekend – Dodger game Tuesday night, beach Wednesday through Saturday, and a Rihanna/Eminem concert Thursday night.

Happy Monday!


Must have Mondays

BingoNight{Bingo night with a group of friends at this incredibly fun bar in weho}

LincourtCabernet{opening a good bottle of wine on a random weekday evening}

MrBubblesArt{adorable vintage pop art at my salon in Venice}

PicnicDate{a picnic date to take advantage of these gorgeous summer days}

RollerDerby{my first roller derby game experience – not as violent as I had expected}

I’ve been going off the last two weeks with 4 hours a sleep each night. On the plus side I’ve gotten to spend time with a lot of my friends at unique events that I normally don’t do.

Happy Monday!


Must have Mondays

copper bull statue

{if I had room for this in my apartment I would totally have brought this home}

Ice cold beer & country music

{favorite summer pastime = cold beer and listening to country music}

New outside rug

{a new outside rug just in time for summer}

Paramount Studios

{a long day of work seminars at Paramount Studios}

Striped T-shirt Dress

{love this striped t-shirt dress for hot days}

With a long week ahead for work, it was a nice surprise when I felt the warm night breeze of summer across my shoulders last night. It may sound strange but I have my own ways of knowing when a season has arrived. It doesn’t add up to the “first day of summer” on the calendar but it’s my little secret for me to enjoy non-the-less. Happy Monday!


Must have Mondays

Texas Clouds{Texas fluffy white clouds}

Blue Bell Ice Cream

{the best ice cream in my two personal favorite flavors}

Texas cacti

{loved the look of the sun setting on cacti down south}

Mexican Martini

{a margarita meets martini is a delicious invention}

  The Rustic

{a new find – listen to live music and enjoy a cold beer}

Going on vacations is always fun. The planning, packing and anticipation of the entire trip is sometimes more fun than the trip itself. Coming home -depending on how the trip went – is another thing. When I’m visiting family I rarely see, coming home is always a little hard. Not knowing when the next time I’ll see them and planning on trying to get out there more often (which always seems to get pushed aside with work and the hectic routine of daily life) is a tricky balance to find.

Happy Monday! xxxooo