Must have Mondays

Breakfast Pizza{enjoyed this breakfast pizza from DoughBoys}

Disney Monopoly{booze + boardgames = a good girl night in}

McQueen Quote{an intriguing quote from the ever inspiring, Alexander McQueen}

New Years Manicure{glittery manicure for 2014 – Essie’s “Topless and Barefoot” with Sally Hanson “Glitz Blitz” polish strips}

Regional Slang{How well does this test of regional slang reveal where you’re from…}

This week starts back everyone’s routines. People go back to work and the holidays start to be a distant memory – a time I always find to be very depressing. So to counteract this, I plan on distracting myself with work, cleaning out and organizing everything, and trying to hold onto the last few drops of holiday cheer that I can. Happy Monday! xxxooo


Spring Cleaning


{a chandelier & displaying your prettiest purses on hooks makes for a luxurious closet to walk into}


{keep the shape of your boots with these & add deodorizer to eliminate odors / fold jeans & pants – dividing them into categories like boot cut, skinny, & non-jeans}


{choose velvet clothes hangers – like these – to keep clothes from slipping}


{for extra storage put in hooks on your closet door to hang robes or long purses}


{everyone has random knick-knacks they don’t know what to do with – I put mine in big bins that fit nicely along side my chest of drawers / socks and belts can best be divided in a shallow drawer with these custom interlocking dividers}


{to display statement necklaces I hung them on pins onto a bulletin board / delicate necklaces are hung on a manequin while more sturdier ones are hung on nails}


{display larger bracelets on a plate & hang bangles on simple hooks – the kind sold at any market or drug store}


{for delicate bracelets, rings, & earrings I put them in various tea cups & jewelry cases / statement earrings & bracelets are stored away in a box divider – similar here}

Spring cleaning is something I’m pretty consistent on, but this year I wanted to do a deep cleanse on my closet. Get rid of anything that doesn’t fit, hasn’t been worn in a year, or is damaged. I was pretty strict at the beginning but then as I got deeper into my wardrobe I found a lot of items I hadn’t worn in awhile still fit and looked good on. So I made a vow to wear new things in the next month and if I didn’t then I would donate them. I finally went through all my jeans (I’m ashamed to say I had about 20 pairs and I only consistently wear about 4 of them). It is a spiritual feeling once the process is all said and done. I sometimes just stumble into my closet to gaze at how pretty everything looks.

Fashion Friday


{lots of sunnies depending on my mood}


{sunday’s necessities – ralph lauren hat, victoria secret’s bikini}


{plane outfit + a pair of seven skinny jeans}





{a cute little gift for all the girls}


{jewelry options for each night}


{aldo purse for night 1 & fendi bag for night 2}

This weekend I’m going to Vegas for a bachelorette weekend! I have an odd fascination with packing for trips. The challenge of making sure you have everything you need but without overpacking gives me a weird rush. All the planning on the activities your going to do and then deciding what outfit works for each, with trying to repeat as many items so you can get the most out of your bag. There is so much anticipation for a trip, it can almost be more fun than the actual trip…almost. Happy Friday, have a fabulous weekend! xxxooo

Trust Me, You Need This…


{anthropologie letter holder}


{black + blum lunch box}


{black forest cottage jewelry display case}Moxie-Speaker-Showerhead

{kohler moxie speaker showerhead}


{a + r goldie cablekeep + charger pedestal}


{apple igrill/digital thermometer}


{kickstarter ostrich pillow}

It’s getting harder and harder these days to find new products that really “wow” me. Last week I was browsing an article and it featured a couple of the products above. I liked the idea of these new, quirky spins on things that I decided I’d find others and feature them in a blog. Some are more for aesthetics than necessity but I just couldn’t resist a wiener dog as a letter holder.

Purse Organization

Organizing is one of my strange talents as well as a favorite hobby I’m borderline OCD. I clean out my closet more times a year than I’ll admit. And with fall slowly approaching I made a big purchase on a beautiful Ralph Lauren purse. Its brown leather, delicate stitching, and handle options makes it an ultimate classic. And a new purse means emptying out the old and reorganizing for the new. So here are a few pointers that I find extremely helpful.

Mini zip pouches are a stable when organizing for larger shoulder purses. Many times I use the bags that come free with makeup purchases and travel size products. Organize into categories as follows:

  1. Sunglasses 2. 1st aide – medicine, band-aids, anti-bacterial 3. hand lotion 4. makeup – eyeliner, mascara, concealer, blush, lip-gloss, hair brush 5. wallet – money, credit cards, coupons, headphones 6. tampons 7. nail kit – file, scissors, clippers, tweezers 7. eyeglasses


Keep go-to items (anti-bacterial lotion, face powder, mints, and chap-stick) in the front side pockets.

Now no more digging and around for things.