Must have Mondays

AllSaints Purchases

{a little treat to myself after working 3 straight weeks}

Arcade Fire

{Arcade Fire concert}

Harvey Kitty

{meet Harvey Dent – the newest member to the family}

Lemon Squares with Raspberry Sauce

{homemade lemon squares with a raspberry sauce}

Gorgeous Sunset

{a gorgeous sunset at the Forum}

Sorry about my long absence. In addition to work being insanely busy (I had my first day off in 3 weeks), I adopted an 8 week old kitten. Her name is Harvey and it’s my first time owning a cat, so the entire experience has been an eye opener to say the least-prepare for a ton of cute pictures. But with things starting to settle down new posts will be back to normal.


Happy Monday!



Must have Mondays

Texas Clouds{Texas fluffy white clouds}

Blue Bell Ice Cream

{the best ice cream in my two personal favorite flavors}

Texas cacti

{loved the look of the sun setting on cacti down south}

Mexican Martini

{a margarita meets martini is a delicious invention}

  The Rustic

{a new find – listen to live music and enjoy a cold beer}

Going on vacations is always fun. The planning, packing and anticipation of the entire trip is sometimes more fun than the trip itself. Coming home -depending on how the trip went – is another thing. When I’m visiting family I rarely see, coming home is always a little hard. Not knowing when the next time I’ll see them and planning on trying to get out there more often (which always seems to get pushed aside with work and the hectic routine of daily life) is a tricky balance to find.

Happy Monday! xxxooo

Must have Mondays

Pink and Blue Sunset

{pale blues and orang-ish pinks intertwine to create a beautiful sunset}

HOME Restaurant

{had lunch here 2 days in a row b/c it is that good – breakfast served all day & the bloody marys are my favorite}

Banana Republic Dress

{having a love affair with a lighter version of cotton candy pink & added an edge to this girly dress with my Vince hooded leather jacket, leather driving gloves, and thigh high black boots – not seen}

Mini Donuts

{currently infatuated with all things donut related}

Sand Dollars

{my lucky day – in total I found 5 whole sand dollars walking the beach}

I wouldn’t normally consider myself a person who enjoys change. Let alone someone who goes looking for it. Recently, however I have been reading this book that’s inspiring me to seek new adventures – the word adventures being used loosely here. Aside from taking a weekend mission trip to build homes in Mexico, I’m toying with the idea of taking a solo trip abroad to challenge myself. Happy Monday! xxxooo

Must have Mondays

Ode to Valentine's Day{an ode to Valentine’s Day}

Dutch Treats{so a girl walks into a bakery after wine tasting…my sweet tooth won}

Purple Roses{some pre-birthday purple roses to brighten my day}

Sunrise Downtown LA{if your going to work on the weekends…at least this gets to be your view – top of the AT&T building at sunrise}

Wine Tasting{a day of tasting wines at my favorite winery – Lincourt}

Remember the days where weekends were for rest and recharging for the upcoming week? It seems like it has been way too long since my weekends weren’t filled working, running errands, doing laundry, or finishing projects around the house…well there is always hope for next week. I hope your weekend was a bit more exciting than mine. Happy Monday! xxxooo

Must have Mondays

Sunset{a Sunday night sunset with a cup of hot tea is my new way to wind down the weekend}

Flower Market{did some holiday flower shopping downtown}

Christmas Lollipops

{these Christmas lollipops are adorable and a must to recreate myself}

Christmas Tree{one of my favorite holiday things is the smell of a fresh Christmas tree}

Nivea Lip Butter in Rasperry Rose{obsessed with this Raspberry Rose Lip Butter}

I know that perfection is an unreachable standard, but this weekend it seemed like I got awfully close. From a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with the people I love to celebrating my best friends birthday at this unique bar. Hope you all had a great holiday weekend as well! xxxooo