Must have Mondays

AllSaints Purchases

{a little treat to myself after working 3 straight weeks}

Arcade Fire

{Arcade Fire concert}

Harvey Kitty

{meet Harvey Dent – the newest member to the family}

Lemon Squares with Raspberry Sauce

{homemade lemon squares with a raspberry sauce}

Gorgeous Sunset

{a gorgeous sunset at the Forum}

Sorry about my long absence. In addition to work being insanely busy (I had my first day off in 3 weeks), I adopted an 8 week old kitten. Her name is Harvey and it’s my first time owning a cat, so the entire experience has been an eye opener to say the least-prepare for a ton of cute pictures. But with things starting to settle down new posts will be back to normal.


Happy Monday!



Must have Mondays


{treated myself to a sushi lunch at my favorite place}

The Pretty Reckless Ticket

{my 16 year old self really enjoyed seeing them perform Friday night}


{in continuation of the hat post…I sported this beanie for the first time – fyi it was bought 3 years ago)


{an incredible amount raised by The AIDS Walk this year}

Winter-ized Bedding

{winterized my bed with a new grey comforter and fur throw}

I’ve read the best way to get out of a rut is by helping others. In addition to volunteering at the 30th Annual AIDS Walk, I had tremendous support from friends and family raising money towards the cause. Many years ago my uncle passed away from the disease. So to say that this event hits close to home is an understatement. Hope y’all had a wonderful weekend, happy Monday! xxxooo