Must have Mondays

griffithobservatory{an afternoon field trip to take in the view while the sun sets}

cat nap

{harvey taking a morning nap – an hour after waking up for the day}

matches + candles

{a simple transitional centerpiece for february}

morning walk

{morning walk with the sun peaking through the trees}

pretty in pink

{birthday month calls for a pink manicure – just have to decide on which shade}


Must have Mondays

Rihanna:Emenim Concert

{an early birthday present to someone special – Eminem and Rihanna at the Rose Bowl}

Dinner in Malibu

{the only place where I can enjoy sushi & Mexican food together – it’s not as gross as it sounds}


{an evening of baseball and dodger dogs}


{a glimpse of the sun setting over downtown}


{as promised – the adorable Harvey trying so hard not to fall asleep here}

With working overnights for the last few days (and weeks ahead of me) I barely make time to eat. It’s ridiculous how sleeping during the day can really affect my body and overall daily living routine. So I apologize for no post Friday. With that said, I was still able to fit in some exciting and new events in over my weekend – Dodger game Tuesday night, beach Wednesday through Saturday, and a Rihanna/Eminem concert Thursday night.

Happy Monday!