Must have Mondays


{this will quench my ice coffee cravings for good}

diy mani

{DIY mani – Essie’s “DJ Play that Song”}

massive chocolate cake

{yes, thats a ridiculously large piece of chocolate cake}


{had my eye on these booties and finally found them on sale!}

paradise cove

{ended my weekend with a this beautiful view}

Happy Monday!



Must have Mondays

AllSaints Purchases

{a little treat to myself after working 3 straight weeks}

Arcade Fire

{Arcade Fire concert}

Harvey Kitty

{meet Harvey Dent – the newest member to the family}

Lemon Squares with Raspberry Sauce

{homemade lemon squares with a raspberry sauce}

Gorgeous Sunset

{a gorgeous sunset at the Forum}

Sorry about my long absence. In addition to work being insanely busy (I had my first day off in 3 weeks), I adopted an 8 week old kitten. Her name is Harvey and it’s my first time owning a cat, so the entire experience has been an eye opener to say the least-prepare for a ton of cute pictures. But with things starting to settle down new posts will be back to normal.


Happy Monday!


Must have Mondays

chocolate dipped bananas

{easy recipes that burn fat}

chic couple styles

{well matched couple style}

raspberry sauce

{dying to make this raspberry sauce}

simple counter decore

{simple, clean nightstand decor}

salted watermelon margaritas

{salted, watermelon margaritas for a day by the pool}

I consider multitasking to be a talent of mine. It seems like my generation can’t do just one thing at a time. The busier you are the more productive it seems. And with instant gratification being a big problem with us, the faster you can do things the better. However, lately I’ve been relishing in doing things one at a time. Concentrating on the task in front of me with full attention. No more watching a movie while online shopping and checking my mail.

Happy Monday!


Must have Mondays

Texas Clouds{Texas fluffy white clouds}

Blue Bell Ice Cream

{the best ice cream in my two personal favorite flavors}

Texas cacti

{loved the look of the sun setting on cacti down south}

Mexican Martini

{a margarita meets martini is a delicious invention}

  The Rustic

{a new find – listen to live music and enjoy a cold beer}

Going on vacations is always fun. The planning, packing and anticipation of the entire trip is sometimes more fun than the trip itself. Coming home -depending on how the trip went – is another thing. When I’m visiting family I rarely see, coming home is always a little hard. Not knowing when the next time I’ll see them and planning on trying to get out there more often (which always seems to get pushed aside with work and the hectic routine of daily life) is a tricky balance to find.

Happy Monday! xxxooo

Must have Mondays

Dinner{dinner one night last week}

Easter bunny cake{our traditional Easter bunny cake}

Malibu Winery{enjoyed spontaneous wine drinking at Malibu wines over the weekend}

Spring Pastels{spring pastels – Essie’s “to buy or not to buy”}

The Getty

{an enjoyable day checking out Ansel Adams exhibit at The Getty}

It’s been roughly 9 years or so since I last visited The Getty Museum. As an art major you would assume that I go as often as I can to all the museums in LA. Of course there are the typical excuses of my culture  laziness – too much traffic, I’m tired from all my weekly driving, crowds annoy me, tickets are costly, etc. So this Saturday when we went to see Ansel Adams exhibit I was reminded of how much I enjoy walking around admiring the beautiful artwork. I plugged in headphones, drowning out the large crowds with soft music, just walking around in my own little world – it was great! Now I will have to make a more conscience effort to visit museums on a more regular basis. Happy Monday! xxxooo