Must have Mondays

travel coordinating

{coordinating my luggage to my travel outfit – yes I am that person}

adorable kitten books

{comical kitten books for a new cat owner}

10Things To Do in Your 20s

{10 moves you should do in your 20’s}

my favorite donuts

{my favorite donuts + a Nespresso to kick start my trip in Dallas}

old fashion soda shop

{an old fashion soda shop}

Happy Monday!



Must have Mondays

Pink and Blue Sunset

{pale blues and orang-ish pinks intertwine to create a beautiful sunset}

HOME Restaurant

{had lunch here 2 days in a row b/c it is that good – breakfast served all day & the bloody marys are my favorite}

Banana Republic Dress

{having a love affair with a lighter version of cotton candy pink & added an edge to this girly dress with my Vince hooded leather jacket, leather driving gloves, and thigh high black boots – not seen}

Mini Donuts

{currently infatuated with all things donut related}

Sand Dollars

{my lucky day – in total I found 5 whole sand dollars walking the beach}

I wouldn’t normally consider myself a person who enjoys change. Let alone someone who goes looking for it. Recently, however I have been reading this book that’s inspiring me to seek new adventures – the word adventures being used loosely here. Aside from taking a weekend mission trip to build homes in Mexico, I’m toying with the idea of taking a solo trip abroad to challenge myself. Happy Monday! xxxooo

Must have Mondays

Never Have I Ever

{in the beginning stages of reading this and I cannot get enough}

Davines Hair Products{discovered/fell in love with this Italian brand – purchased shampoo, conditioner, and this}

Beach Beauty{took the pups for a beautiful walk on the beach – minus the large gusts of winds}

Birthday Dress{what do you think of my birthday dress? – can you believe they wanted this much for it}

Industrial Coat Rack{industrial inspiration for a coat rack}

As cliche as it is to say…I got a new hair cut Saturday and it feels like a good change. See I’ve had bangs for half of my life – and not just side swept whispers, I mean heavy duty full frontal bangs. I began growing them out sophomore year of high school and every fall since, I contemplate cutting them back to an updated version. So Saturday I just went for it! I did a much lighter, longer version and am still in the process of getting use to them. But with a new hair cut comes some other new changes. Hope you all have a wonderful week! xxxooo

Must have Mondays

Merry Christmas{sometimes I like to pretend I’m a very talented interior decorator}

Reading by the Fire{currently obsessed with this book – Night Film}

Sugar Cookies

{first batch of Christmas cookies}

Yoga{unwinding with some much needed yoga}

Sparkle Sweater{a sparkly top to brighten up an otherwise ordinary outfit}

I wish there was a way to temporarily freeze this time of year. When everyone is overwhelmingly cheerful and full of the holiday spirit, shopping is a main activity, Hallmark has a holiday movie on 24/7, baking is almost a daily chore, and the world comes together to celebrate the coming of Christ. So until somebody finds a way to bottle this up, I’m trying to relish in it as much as possible. Happy Monday! xxxooo