Must have Mondays


{this will quench my ice coffee cravings for good}

diy mani

{DIY mani – Essie’s “DJ Play that Song”}

massive chocolate cake

{yes, thats a ridiculously large piece of chocolate cake}


{had my eye on these booties and finally found them on sale!}

paradise cove

{ended my weekend with a this beautiful view}

Happy Monday!



Must have Mondays

Rihanna:Emenim Concert

{an early birthday present to someone special – Eminem and Rihanna at the Rose Bowl}

Dinner in Malibu

{the only place where I can enjoy sushi & Mexican food together – it’s not as gross as it sounds}


{an evening of baseball and dodger dogs}


{a glimpse of the sun setting over downtown}


{as promised – the adorable Harvey trying so hard not to fall asleep here}

With working overnights for the last few days (and weeks ahead of me) I barely make time to eat. It’s ridiculous how sleeping during the day can really affect my body and overall daily living routine. So I apologize for no post Friday. With that said, I was still able to fit in some exciting and new events in over my weekend – Dodger game Tuesday night, beach Wednesday through Saturday, and a Rihanna/Eminem concert Thursday night.

Happy Monday!


Must have Mondays

90 degrees at the beach

{one good thing about the heat wave we’ve been having – 90* at the beach}

a relaxing morning

{coffee + fashion magazine = a relaxing morning}


{loved watching these artist live canvas paint at Artopia}

beach bonfire

{spur of the moment bonfire at the beach to conclude my saturday night}

lincourt wine tasting

{topped of the weekend wine tasting & a picnic at my favorite winery}

Watching films now, that you originally saw as a child, is an interesting experiment. This week we did a marathon of Jurassic Park – one, two, and three. Re-watching the first one I understood things that I didn’t when I first saw it and I had an entirely different feel for each of the characters than I did originally. Obviously your perspectives and outlook on life are different at age 7 than 25 but it just amazed me at how different the same film could be just so many years later. Happy Monday! xxxooo

Must have Mondays

Never Have I Ever

{in the beginning stages of reading this and I cannot get enough}

Davines Hair Products{discovered/fell in love with this Italian brand – purchased shampoo, conditioner, and this}

Beach Beauty{took the pups for a beautiful walk on the beach – minus the large gusts of winds}

Birthday Dress{what do you think of my birthday dress? – can you believe they wanted this much for it}

Industrial Coat Rack{industrial inspiration for a coat rack}

As cliche as it is to say…I got a new hair cut Saturday and it feels like a good change. See I’ve had bangs for half of my life – and not just side swept whispers, I mean heavy duty full frontal bangs. I began growing them out sophomore year of high school and every fall since, I contemplate cutting them back to an updated version. So Saturday I just went for it! I did a much lighter, longer version and am still in the process of getting use to them. But with a new hair cut comes some other new changes. Hope you all have a wonderful week! xxxooo

Must have Mondays

Beach Bike Ride {a 16 mile bike ride to burn off all the holiday treats}The Americana{serious chandelier envy at The Americana}

Christmas at the Beach{only in SoCal can you enjoy Christmas at the beach}

Many would argue that an 80* Christmas is nothing to turn your nose up after. As a native SoCal girl, I am always envious of a snowy white, cold Christmas. There is something so wrong to me about spending the holiday in shorts and a tee, at the beach. Don’t get me wrong, 9 months out of the year I love our weather, but during this season I’d rather be bundling up by a fire, sipping hot chocolate than lying outside tanning. Well enough of my venting hope y’all have a wonderful New Years! xxxooo