Must have Mondays

AllSaints Purchases

{a little treat to myself after working 3 straight weeks}

Arcade Fire

{Arcade Fire concert}

Harvey Kitty

{meet Harvey Dent – the newest member to the family}

Lemon Squares with Raspberry Sauce

{homemade lemon squares with a raspberry sauce}

Gorgeous Sunset

{a gorgeous sunset at the Forum}

Sorry about my long absence. In addition to work being insanely busy (I had my first day off in 3 weeks), I adopted an 8 week old kitten. Her name is Harvey and it’s my first time owning a cat, so the entire experience has been an eye opener to say the least-prepare for a ton of cute pictures. But with things starting to settle down new posts will be back to normal.


Happy Monday!



Must have Mondays

chocolate dipped bananas

{easy recipes that burn fat}

chic couple styles

{well matched couple style}

raspberry sauce

{dying to make this raspberry sauce}

simple counter decore

{simple, clean nightstand decor}

salted watermelon margaritas

{salted, watermelon margaritas for a day by the pool}

I consider multitasking to be a talent of mine. It seems like my generation can’t do just one thing at a time. The busier you are the more productive it seems. And with instant gratification being a big problem with us, the faster you can do things the better. However, lately I’ve been relishing in doing things one at a time. Concentrating on the task in front of me with full attention. No more watching a movie while online shopping and checking my mail.

Happy Monday!


Must have Mondays

Bottega Louis Sweets

{admiring the delicious desserts here while catching up over dinner with a good friend}


{the perfect place to spend a day off}

Kim and Kanye Vogue Cover

{its here….curious to see what all the controversy is about}

Mickey Beignets

{found some energy in Mickey shaped beignets to finish the day}

Spring Room change up

{revamped my bed with some Spring decor}

It’s the happiest place on Earth…or so they advertise. Even I fall for that fantasy until I’m freezing wet from Splash Mountain and tired from the endless amount of walking. But there is something about Disneyland that always pulls me back under its spell. So I spent (the best way you possibly could) hump day there. With crowds larger than anticipated and no rain in sight – until I was already otherwise soaked – it was another glorious day for the books. Hope your weekend was good, Happy Monday! xxooo

Must have Mondays

12 Elevators to See{12 incredible elevators you have to see to believe}

Donating Blood{doing my part to give back – on the weird side, I noticed how beautiful the color of my blood is}

End of a good night{the end of a good night out & a pair of tired feet}

Head Scarf{love the trend of head scarves for spring & summer}

Iced Mocha{I’m going to miss my visits here, but will relish in the few moments left}

Lately the main thing on my brain aside from the usual (current events, latest baking crave, newest fashion trend, etc.) is trip planning. Last week I pretty much spent every free day researching and putting together – what I think is to be – a great 10 day trip to Italy. It covers 85% of where I want to go, what I want to see, and do. It goes without saying that I’m beyond excited to go and bring back plenty of memories (and of course souviners). Any upcoming trips you have planned? Happy Monday! xxxooo

Oscar Party

Oscar Themed Cocktail{Oscar themed cocktails – described below}

Black Tie Marshmellows{Black Tie Marshmallows like the ones shown here}

Oscar Cookies{Oscar Statue Cookies – only ours will be standing on Reese’s and dusted in edible gold}

Red Carpet Donuts{Red Carpet Donuts – with a simple glaze shown here}


Popcorn Bar Seasonings{among other savory treats, a Popcorn Bar is always a hit – with various unique seasoning options}



Ballots & BINGO{Ballots and Red Carpet BINGO ready and waiting}

In my family the Academy Awards are treated as any other holiday, meaning themed desserts, cocktails, and savory bites. We’ve been throwing an Oscar party ever since I can remember. With tradition being each of our guests filling out a ballot before the show begins and whomever gets the most correct wins a mini replica Oscar! Its been known to get a bit competitive and a lot of research is done before their ballots are turned in. Two years ago I added Red Carpet BINGO to our mix and everybody loved it, along with a really themed menu. Sunday we are offering four cocktails choices: A Captain Phillips – captain morgan + coke, A WOW Sparkler (Wolf of Wall Street) – champagne + sugar rim, A Gravity – vodka + soda water + lime, and in memory A Shirley Temple – grenadine + sprite + cherries. Hope this gives you some ideas on throwing your own Academy Awards party! Enjoy the show. xxxooo