Must have Mondays

90 degrees at the beach

{one good thing about the heat wave we’ve been having – 90* at the beach}

a relaxing morning

{coffee + fashion magazine = a relaxing morning}


{loved watching these artist live canvas paint at Artopia}

beach bonfire

{spur of the moment bonfire at the beach to conclude my saturday night}

lincourt wine tasting

{topped of the weekend wine tasting & a picnic at my favorite winery}

Watching films now, that you originally saw as a child, is an interesting experiment. This week we did a marathon of Jurassic Park – one, two, and three. Re-watching the first one I understood things that I didn’t when I first saw it and I had an entirely different feel for each of the characters than I did originally. Obviously your perspectives and outlook on life are different at age 7 than 25 but it just amazed me at how different the same film could be just so many years later. Happy Monday! xxxooo


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