Must have Mondays

Nailheads{nailhead details on my new DIY bed}

TuningFork{exploring my new neighborhood – which includes this delicious find}

enjoying the new move{enjoying a glass of wine after all the moving}

free alcohol{free alcohol left outside my building is always a perk – but no I didn’t take it}

fresh flowers from the farmers market{fresh flowers for Mother’s Day from the farmer’s market}

I’ve only moved four times in my life – once with my family to a bigger house, twice for college and last week for “adulthood”. With all the research and number crunching that came along with choosing the right apartment I can without a doubt say I’m where I am suppose to be. The 1 bedroom is just the right amount of space without feeling confined to one large area like a studio.  Plus the location and neighborhood are ideal for both work and play. Hope you all have a great week. Happy Monday! xxxooo



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