Simply Southern


{Ted Baker Sweater, ASOS Tank, Ralph Lauren Belt, Levi Jeans, 3.1 Phillip Lim Bag, Banana Republic Sandals}



One of my favorite things about the south is the simplicity of daily life. Southerners tend to take their time with everything, they don’t stress about the little things, and they can make the simplest outfit look chic. It’s my home away from home, the place that I hold very close to my heart and even has a specific, sweet smell that makes me melt. I try to make it out at least once every summer to see all my family (ranging from Dallas, Houston, Del Rio, and Waco) and visit my favorite place, Gruene. A small country town outside of Austin with one main road that I absolutely love. With a general store where we get Blue Bell ice cream while we hunt for treasures in the antique store across the street all after we’ve had a deliciously big meal at the Gristmill and listened to live music at the Dance Hall. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! xxxooo





Tips and Tricks

20140522-174502.jpg{nail trends to try this season}

20140522-174513.jpg{tips to de-stressing naturally}

20140522-174529.jpg{tricks to hiding dirty, messy har}

{the top best self tanners to master a faux glow this summer}

20140522-174540.jpg{8 things every first apartment needs}

One of the attributes to being apart of the female species is sharing tips and tricks that we find. Whether it’s the perfect nude lipstick or the newest trick to a perfect blow out, we have an innate desire to share our knowledge with our girlfriends. This week I gathered five of my favorite finds, which are all seasonly appropriate; especially the last one with the new apartment and all the decorating that’s consuming way too much of my free time. Hope y’all have a great weekend! xxxooo


Must have Mondays

90 degrees at the beach

{one good thing about the heat wave we’ve been having – 90* at the beach}

a relaxing morning

{coffee + fashion magazine = a relaxing morning}


{loved watching these artist live canvas paint at Artopia}

beach bonfire

{spur of the moment bonfire at the beach to conclude my saturday night}

lincourt wine tasting

{topped of the weekend wine tasting & a picnic at my favorite winery}

Watching films now, that you originally saw as a child, is an interesting experiment. This week we did a marathon of Jurassic Park – one, two, and three. Re-watching the first one I understood things that I didn’t when I first saw it and I had an entirely different feel for each of the characters than I did originally. Obviously your perspectives and outlook on life are different at age 7 than 25 but it just amazed me at how different the same film could be just so many years later. Happy Monday! xxxooo

Neon Neuroses

 Neon Lights

{Hinge Leather Jacket – seen here, Everlane Tshirt, Paige Jeans, 3.1 Phillip Lim Satchel, Nike Shoes}

3.1 Phillip Lim PurseNeon Nike Kicks

Traditionally, I am a gym only sneakers kinda of girl. On the other hand looks like this and this make me rethink that entire concept. And when I found these bright, neon orange Nikes I couldn’t resist wearing them all the time.  Aside from how outrageously comfortable they are, they make a great conversation starter – I can’t even count how many times people have come up to me to comment on these shoes. When paired correctly they can transform an entire outfit to be a bit more edgy and laid-back. Hope y’all have a great weekend! xxxooo

Must have Mondays

Nailheads{nailhead details on my new DIY bed}

TuningFork{exploring my new neighborhood – which includes this delicious find}

enjoying the new move{enjoying a glass of wine after all the moving}

free alcohol{free alcohol left outside my building is always a perk – but no I didn’t take it}

fresh flowers from the farmers market{fresh flowers for Mother’s Day from the farmer’s market}

I’ve only moved four times in my life – once with my family to a bigger house, twice for college and last week for “adulthood”. With all the research and number crunching that came along with choosing the right apartment I can without a doubt say I’m where I am suppose to be. The 1 bedroom is just the right amount of space without feeling confined to one large area like a studio.  Plus the location and neighborhood are ideal for both work and play. Hope you all have a great week. Happy Monday! xxxooo