Must have Mondays

Dinner{dinner one night last week}

Easter bunny cake{our traditional Easter bunny cake}

Malibu Winery{enjoyed spontaneous wine drinking at Malibu wines over the weekend}

Spring Pastels{spring pastels – Essie’s “to buy or not to buy”}

The Getty

{an enjoyable day checking out Ansel Adams exhibit at The Getty}

It’s been roughly 9 years or so since I last visited The Getty Museum. As an art major you would assume that I go as often as I can to all the museums in LA. Of course there are the typical excuses of my culture  laziness – too much traffic, I’m tired from all my weekly driving, crowds annoy me, tickets are costly, etc. So this Saturday when we went to see Ansel Adams exhibit I was reminded of how much I enjoy walking around admiring the beautiful artwork. I plugged in headphones, drowning out the large crowds with soft music, just walking around in my own little world – it was great! Now I will have to make a more conscience effort to visit museums on a more regular basis. Happy Monday! xxxooo


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