Must have Mondays: Tecate Mission

 Crossing the border

{crossing the border on foot}

Cows roaming near by

{next to San Juan Bosco Orphanage cows & horses roam}

Futball game

{along with all the work, many games of “football” were played}

Guest dorms repainted

{the guest dorms we fixed up and painted}

Camp fire

{bonfire and group singing to finish the trip}

Fear. Along with many other people in the world, I allow fear to control too many of my decisions. Lately it’s been traveling to foreign places that are out of my comfort zone. This weekend along with 16 other young adults, I went to Tecate, Mexico with my church and two other fellowships to help out a local orphanage, San Juan Bosco. All my preconceptions could not have been more wrong than they were for this trip. The amazing resilience and joy these children have given their situation is what touched me the most. It is trips like these that make you reevaluate what’s important in your life and encourage you to make the most of this one life. All of this in a matter of three days does a lot to a person’s soul. So today, on your busy Monday take some time to really appreciate even the smallest things that we normally take for granted. xxxooo


One thought on “Must have Mondays: Tecate Mission

  1. What brought me joy was you – the pleasure of making your acquaintance – and observing your love among the children. I’m glad you brushed off the fear; stepped forward in faith; and made our event that much more blessed!


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