Must have Mondays

Bottega Louis Sweets

{admiring the delicious desserts here while catching up over dinner with a good friend}


{the perfect place to spend a day off}

Kim and Kanye Vogue Cover

{its here….curious to see what all the controversy is about}

Mickey Beignets

{found some energy in Mickey shaped beignets to finish the day}

Spring Room change up

{revamped my bed with some Spring decor}

It’s the happiest place on Earth…or so they advertise. Even I fall for that fantasy until I’m freezing wet from Splash Mountain and tired from the endless amount of walking. But there is something about Disneyland that always pulls me back under its spell. So I spent (the best way you possibly could) hump day there. With crowds larger than anticipated and no rain in sight – until I was already otherwise soaked – it was another glorious day for the books. Hope your weekend was good, Happy Monday! xxooo


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