Must have Mondays

12 Elevators to See{12 incredible elevators you have to see to believe}

Donating Blood{doing my part to give back – on the weird side, I noticed how beautiful the color of my blood is}

End of a good night{the end of a good night out & a pair of tired feet}

Head Scarf{love the trend of head scarves for spring & summer}

Iced Mocha{I’m going to miss my visits here, but will relish in the few moments left}

Lately the main thing on my brain aside from the usual (current events, latest baking crave, newest fashion trend, etc.) is trip planning. Last week I pretty much spent every free day researching and putting together – what I think is to be – a great 10 day trip to Italy. It covers 85% of where I want to go, what I want to see, and do. It goes without saying that I’m beyond excited to go and bring back plenty of memories (and of course souviners). Any upcoming trips you have planned? Happy Monday! xxxooo


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