Must have Mondays

Bottega Louis Sweets

{admiring the delicious desserts here while catching up over dinner with a good friend}


{the perfect place to spend a day off}

Kim and Kanye Vogue Cover

{its here….curious to see what all the controversy is about}

Mickey Beignets

{found some energy in Mickey shaped beignets to finish the day}

Spring Room change up

{revamped my bed with some Spring decor}

It’s the happiest place on Earth…or so they advertise. Even I fall for that fantasy until I’m freezing wet from Splash Mountain and tired from the endless amount of walking. But there is something about Disneyland that always pulls me back under its spell. So I spent (the best way you possibly could) hump day there. With crowds larger than anticipated and no rain in sight – until I was already otherwise soaked – it was another glorious day for the books. Hope your weekend was good, Happy Monday! xxooo


Spring Trends to Love

Crop Tops with High Waisted Bottoms

{a cropped top paired with high waisted bottoms – skirts/pants/shorts}

Dewy Skin

{dewy skin}

Cropped Trench

{a cropped trench coat}

Eye Inhibiting Fringe

{eye inhibiting bangs}

Pleated Skirts

{pleated mid-calf skirts}

Flushed Cheeks

{pink or peach flushed cheeks}

Colorful Statement Bags

{a colorful, statement bag}

Messy Braided Twist

{a messy braided twist}

Matching Seperates

{matching separates}

As much of a fashion follower that I am, I’m always cautious of trends. Not every trend is for everyone, or needs to be invested into, or is worth recreating. It’s a personal choice that really only you can make for yourself. Take for instance, this seasons cropped top extravaganza. If someone would have asked me to buy or even wear a cropped top a few months back, I would have laughed in their faces and said no. But the way this trend is pulled together with high waisted, bell-bottom-like pants, I’m finding myself loving it. It just goes to show that you never know what the next season will bring in terms of your personal taste, your fashion wish list, and what your closet stables are. With that in mind…be careful with that spring cleaning, nothing is worse than regretting something thats currently trendy that you threw away. Have a great weekend! xxxooo

Must have Mondays

12 Elevators to See{12 incredible elevators you have to see to believe}

Donating Blood{doing my part to give back – on the weird side, I noticed how beautiful the color of my blood is}

End of a good night{the end of a good night out & a pair of tired feet}

Head Scarf{love the trend of head scarves for spring & summer}

Iced Mocha{I’m going to miss my visits here, but will relish in the few moments left}

Lately the main thing on my brain aside from the usual (current events, latest baking crave, newest fashion trend, etc.) is trip planning. Last week I pretty much spent every free day researching and putting together – what I think is to be – a great 10 day trip to Italy. It covers 85% of where I want to go, what I want to see, and do. It goes without saying that I’m beyond excited to go and bring back plenty of memories (and of course souviners). Any upcoming trips you have planned? Happy Monday! xxxooo

Must have Mondays

Pink and Blue Sunset

{pale blues and orang-ish pinks intertwine to create a beautiful sunset}

HOME Restaurant

{had lunch here 2 days in a row b/c it is that good – breakfast served all day & the bloody marys are my favorite}

Banana Republic Dress

{having a love affair with a lighter version of cotton candy pink & added an edge to this girly dress with my Vince hooded leather jacket, leather driving gloves, and thigh high black boots – not seen}

Mini Donuts

{currently infatuated with all things donut related}

Sand Dollars

{my lucky day – in total I found 5 whole sand dollars walking the beach}

I wouldn’t normally consider myself a person who enjoys change. Let alone someone who goes looking for it. Recently, however I have been reading this book that’s inspiring me to seek new adventures – the word adventures being used loosely here. Aside from taking a weekend mission trip to build homes in Mexico, I’m toying with the idea of taking a solo trip abroad to challenge myself. Happy Monday! xxxooo

Get Julianne Hough’s Look

Julianne HoughGet the Look

{Banana Republic Pullover, Banana Republic Shirt, J.Crew Leather Pants, Elizabeth and James “James” Tote, Rollie Derby Oxford}

Up until high school I went to private school with uniforms. So every morning it made getting dressed very simple, fast and the least bit creative or entertaining. Now after many years of waking up and not always having inspiration on what to wear I long for those days with crisp white button ups and plaid skirts. This preppy look that Julianne put together is the perfect combination of glam meets school girl. So for all those mondane, uninspired mornings I’ll cue back to this look as my new version of a uniform.  Have a great weekend! xxxooo