Oscar Party

Oscar Themed Cocktail{Oscar themed cocktails – described below}

Black Tie Marshmellows{Black Tie Marshmallows like the ones shown here}

Oscar Cookies{Oscar Statue Cookies – only ours will be standing on Reese’s and dusted in edible gold}

Red Carpet Donuts{Red Carpet Donuts – with a simple glaze shown here}


Popcorn Bar Seasonings{among other savory treats, a Popcorn Bar is always a hit – with various unique seasoning options}



Ballots & BINGO{Ballots and Red Carpet BINGO ready and waiting}

In my family the Academy Awards are treated as any other holiday, meaning themed desserts, cocktails, and savory bites. We’ve been throwing an Oscar party ever since I can remember. With tradition being each of our guests filling out a ballot before the show begins and whomever gets the most correct wins a mini replica Oscar! Its been known to get a bit competitive and a lot of research is done before their ballots are turned in. Two years ago I added Red Carpet BINGO to our mix and everybody loved it, along with a really themed menu. Sunday we are offering four cocktails choices: A Captain Phillips – captain morgan + coke, A WOW Sparkler (Wolf of Wall Street) – champagne + sugar rim, A Gravity – vodka + soda water + lime, and in memory A Shirley Temple – grenadine + sprite + cherries. Hope this gives you some ideas on throwing your own Academy Awards party! Enjoy the show. xxxooo




Must have Mondays

Creamy Frozen Fruit Pops{Creamy Frozen Fruit Pops}

Olivia Wilde Takes Down Hwood Sexist Double Standard{Olivia Wilde hits Hollywood’s sexist double standard with one sentence}

Tug of War{the ultimate battle captured here – Brooklyn (the tan one) won}

Gold Gilded Pants{wishing I could find these pants for the Oscars this Sunday}

37 Regrets that You Should Avoid{37 Things you should not regret}

I’m pretty sure I have said this before, but that travel bug is back and I have it big time. And it’s not so much the location that matters, just the journey. In the last few days everywhere and anywhere has sounded appealing to travel to. Whether its to new destinations like Nashville, Greece, Portland, Germany, or oldies but goodies such as Houston, Vegas (yes I want to go back), Palm Springs, or Hawaii. it doesn’t matter. With a small weekend trip planned to San Francisco and Napa (which I’ve never been to) in a couple of weeks, I’ll just have to manage that bug and make it through until then. Happy Monday! xxxooo

Wine and Stripes

Wine & Stripes{H&M Denim Jacket, J.Crew Embellished Top, Victoria’s Secret Skirt, Fendi Purse, Converse Shoes}

Embellished CollarMaxi Skirt + KicksDenim, Stripes, & a Maxi SkirtWhite and Grey

Since last year with all the drama to do with my foot, I have been stuck in less than grander shoes. 9 months of transitioning between a boot and cast (not too mention the whole month of being in a wheelchair). So when I recently splurged and purchased these I can’t help but feel elated. It’s definitely an investment piece that I’ll have for years, but it’s also the perfect birthday present to myself for turning a quarter of a century. Happy Friday! xxxooo

Must have Mondays

Red Velvet Cupcake & Champage{a perfect dinner of red velvet cupcakes and prosecco}

Vday Mani{subtle Valentine’s Day manicure – OPI “Hawaiian Orchid” and Essie “Nice is Nice}

Vanella Macaroon{the last of a decade of birthday lunches at my favorite French cafe}birthday dessert

{as you can see I had no problem finishing off more birthday sweets}

After a week full of celebration and enough sweets to rot my teeth I’m still overwhelmed with all the love and attention from my friends and family. Continuing Friday’s festivities well into the weekend in Vegas with some friends, I’m making the long car ride back home, with the rough task of getting back into work mode for a long week ahead. Hope y’all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and 3-day weekend. xxxooo

20140217-090939.jpg {a little birthday present to myself}