Holiday Fashion

Hooded White Coat

{hooded white coat + tights}

Black Button Down + Statement Pants

{simple black button down + statement pants}

Sequins + BF Jeans{sequin striped top & leather jacket  + boyfriend jeans & pointy heels}

Plaid Skirt{plaid skirt}

Lace + Sequins{lace + sequins}

Green Cocktail Dress{shiny floral patterns}

Croppe Top + Ornate Skirt{cropped long sleeve top + ornate mid-calf skirt}

The holidays are one of the few occasions were you can dress up for practically any occasion. It’s also a great excuse to wear sequins as much as humanly possible (which I’m always looking for a good excuse). Plus putting a little extra “umph” on your normal routine – like red lipstick, a sparkly headband, a fur collar – makes the day a bit more special. Happy Holidays! xxxooo


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