Must have Mondays

Individual Pumpkin Pies{Thanksgiving Dessert #1: Individual Pumpkin Pies}

Best Brownies Ever{Thanksgiving Dessert #2: Cocoa Brownies – apparently the best recipe ever}

Christmas Tree Lighting & Fireworks{18 years of watching our local Christmas Tree lighting ceremony…makes me feel ridiculously old}

DIY Placecards{DIY place cards for everyone}

Restoration Hardware Lights{bought these to give my room a little sparkle during the holidays}

The calm before the storm is what I like to refer to this past week as. On my days off I tried to get a few things done to make Thanksgiving week less hectic. Set the table, finalize the menu, put together the bar, create place cards, and go grocery shopping. With all these little items done it makes a world of difference come Thursday where all that is left to do is cook and enjoy the company of friends and family (with a cocktail in hand of course). Happy Thanksgiving! xxxooo


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