Must have Mondays

Thanksgiving Decor{onto Thanksgiving decorating…this garland of lights and leaves is a perfect start}

Cards Against Humanity

{finally played my first round of Cards Against Humanity}

20131103-145815.jpg{loving the lace detail on this bralette}

Halloween Costumes{Holly Golightly one night…a dead Catholic school girl another}

20131103-145831.jpg{Trader Joe’s pumpkin coffee is fall in a cup}

One of the benefits of fall and the clocks falling back an hour is the opportunity to do nothing all day long. It has taken me a while to not feel guilty of having a lazy day. The idea of not getting anything productive done is hard to overcome. But these past weekends I’ve some how managed to relish in the act of doing nothing. Enjoying a good pot of coffee while catching up on shows I’ve recorded from the week. Reading all my monthly magazines and catching up on books I’ve put off for months. These days are definitely gifts, not meant to be had frequently. Hope you all had a great weekend, happy Monday! xxxooo


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