Black Friday


Whether you’ve been up all night fighting off the crowds (and a stomach cramp) or woke up before the sun, these Black Friday/Cyber Monday tips should help in your holiday purchases this weekend.

1. You’re not missing out – Don’t loose your mind this weekend thinking that these are the best deals of the season. In fact, many of these “sales” are capitalizing (scheming) on that very thought process. So if you missed out on that perfect purse for your mom at 50% off, there’s a good chance it’ll be even further discounted later in December.

2. Don’t be fooled – I know your type, you go straight for the price tag on something you spotted from across the store.  But don’t be fooled into to thinking that 75% off the “original price” is that great of a deal. Many retailers like to mislead consumers with “misstated original prices” to trick the shopper into thinking they are saving a large amount, when really the sale price could very well be the original.

3. Try Wednesdays – According to “DealScience, an online bargain aggregator based in Los Angeles, found that Wednesdays are the week’s best day to save money, with a third of all coupons published on that day.” (LA Times)

4. Don’t go Paperless – If your really the bargain hunter you think you are, then you should know that after all your holiday shopping if you see an item you bought for less than what you paid for, many retailers will match competitors prices with your receipts of course. Or if an item is further discounted after your purchase, they will issue a rebate on the difference.

5. Clear your schedule – December 4th is supposedly the best day to go shopping and save. Since it is the middle of the week, crowds will be scarce and sales should be up with it being in between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

6. Read the fine print – All the tiny text at the bottom of those big ads actually does mean something. Make sure to read the fine print on all ads you plan on using. There are many “exceptions” and “exclusion” to items you may want. I’ve especially found this helpful at big department stores like Macy’s. Their fragrances, jewelry, and sometimes home goods are usually excluded from their big sales and discounts.

7. The usual – So as not to get sidetracked or over spend, make a list of things your looking to purchase, set a budget, and do your research. If you know what an item originally costs throughout the year then you are able to better judge the sale price to evaluate if your getting the best deal.

8. Sign up – Visit your favorite retailers and designers to sign up for their newsletters to be one of the first to know about any discounts or sales they are offering. Also join their rewards programs to get cash back or bonus point towards future purchase.

9. Get the app – Many retailers are doing waves of sales this year so mobile updates are key to staying on top of all the latest savings.

10. Rest up – This sounds rather obvious, but in the rush of all the madness don’t forget to stop and recharge with a coffee and treat or a full lunch. Take the time to rest your feet, regain your energy, and review where you are on your shopping list and budget.


Must have Mondays

Individual Pumpkin Pies{Thanksgiving Dessert #1: Individual Pumpkin Pies}

Best Brownies Ever{Thanksgiving Dessert #2: Cocoa Brownies – apparently the best recipe ever}

Christmas Tree Lighting & Fireworks{18 years of watching our local Christmas Tree lighting ceremony…makes me feel ridiculously old}

DIY Placecards{DIY place cards for everyone}

Restoration Hardware Lights{bought these to give my room a little sparkle during the holidays}

The calm before the storm is what I like to refer to this past week as. On my days off I tried to get a few things done to make Thanksgiving week less hectic. Set the table, finalize the menu, put together the bar, create place cards, and go grocery shopping. With all these little items done it makes a world of difference come Thursday where all that is left to do is cook and enjoy the company of friends and family (with a cocktail in hand of course). Happy Thanksgiving! xxxooo

Fall Florals

Bike Jacket + Feminim Florals{Hinge Leather Jacket, Forever XXI Dress, Converse High Tops, OPI “All I Want for Christmas” Polish}

Quilted Leather JacketHigh TopsFlower Print

There are many reasons why I love my job, but one of them has to be that it is constantly changing. Take for instance earlier this week, I began the day working on one show. With in an hour of my morning I had to race to another set, rethink my work plan for the day, and switch my ankle booties (good for desk sitting) with high tops (good for all day on your feet) courtesy of the wardrobe department. I find change as hard as the next person, but when it comes to day in and day out of work I really enjoy each day being vastly different from the last. Hope you have a great weekend! xxxooo

Must have Mondays

Macaroons{freshly baked macaroons + hot tea = make a drizzly day all the better}

Decore Inspiration{art and mirror inspiration for decorating}

Maine Sunset{an gorgeous sunset off Kennebunkport in Maine}

Rag&Bone Section{currently my favorite designer/part of nordstroms}

DIY  Glitter Leaves{DIY glittered leaves for Thanksgiving}

Since arriving home from a quick, but perfect trip to Boston my week has seemed rather blah. It feels like I’m stuck in a weird funk that won’t go away. So I’ve been finding simple, little joys everywhere – like in a custom made coffee, a fire in the fireplace, cozy socks, a night out with friends, and nibbling on delicious festive treats. Hopefully this week with work and Thanksgiving right around the corner it’ll knock me out of this bizarre mood. Happy Monday! xxxooo

Get the Look

Miranda KerrGettheLook

{Dolan Tweed Blazer, J. Crew Merino V-Neck Sweater, Splendid Mini Skirt, Forever XXI Sunglasses, Rebecca Minkoff Bag (on sale!), Nine West Boots}

One of the great things of a monochromatic look is the range of shades you can pull together to make this trend work. In this particular look, Miranda mixes a variety of shades of grey but chooses to put focus on her red purse and black thigh high boots. Another look to add to the pile of inspiration for fall wear. Happy Friday! xxxooo