Must have Mondays

Enormous Chair Design{there’s a reason this is in front of the Design Center}

Fall Leaves{finally seeing signs of fall}

Golf Practice{dusting off my golf skills}

Neptunes Net{surfing all morning + a delicious seafood lunch = a simple satisfaction}

Halloween Oreos{a little embarrassed to admit that I went to several stores to find these Halloween Oreos}

There are a few old saying that ring true. “Never judge a book by its cover,” is one that I sadly sometimes fall prey to. Ironically, the result is often different than what I first projected, so you would think I would know better by now. Whether it’s a new restaurant, movie, or even a relationship as critical as first impressions are, are they really everything? Can we accurately judge something or someone based on cover alone? Or are our initial instincts too in the moment to be honestly logical? Food for thought…have a great Monday! xxxooo


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