Must have Mondays

back_to_the_future{finally saw all 3 movies back to back}

Elie Tahari Bag{a recent splurge on a beautiful coat that I’d been eyeing for a while}

Elizabeth Taylor Picture{admiring this enormous Elizabeth Taylor photograph in my friends apartment}

indiana_jones_and_the_temple_of_doom_ver3{next weekends movie marathon – I’m a little embarrased to admit I’ve never seen them}

Monogrammed Towel{throw back to when my Grandmother would monogram every Christmas gift}

It’s nice when you have a week off from a very hectic one. With my work schedule being a bit off, I spent most of last week just trying to remember what day it was. On my last days off, I enjoyed a movie marathon of Back to the Future, II, and III. Lately I’ve been having a love affaire with the 80’s, from all things movie related (next up is an Indiana Jones marathon), vintage t-shirts, faded jeans and high tops, anything John Hughes made, and of course the music. The decade has never really meant much to me; I have always had a special place in my heart for the 60’s and 70’s era. What with all the questionable fashion choices and big hair, but at last the creativeness of the time has grown on me. Happy Monday! xxxooo


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