Must have Mondays

Sparkling Water{surf trip down to San Onofre}Fresh Pasta{tomato and olive oil pasta – perfectly light for a summer dinner}Perfume Bottles{displaying my perfume bottles as pieces of art}Lemon Dessert{loved how they served this lemon meringue dessert at Public School}Vince Blanket Sweater{this Vince Blanket Sweater is my first Fall purchase and is beyond cozy}

Since August rolled around, our late June gloom in July is lightly letting up. Yesterday on my way to work (which was technically my Tuesday) it was sunny and hot at 7 in the morning. The best part was coming home later that same day and like I had put glasses on, recognized how pretty the mountains are by my house. As corny as it sounds, it was a good reminder of how grateful I should be on a daily basis. No matter how significant my trouble may seem, they are nothing compared to others in this world. So this week try to see the glass half full for a change. Happy Monday! xxxooo


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