Must have Mondays

Santa Barbara{exploring Montecito-and yes, I found/drove by slowly Oprah’s house}

Blueberry Lemon Scones{this weeks breakfast-homemade blueberry lemon scones}

Faint Moon{taking in the breathtaking-but hard to see here-almost full moon}

Laurel Tavern Burger{scarfing down a delicious burger on my lunch break here}

Salt Room{learned some interesting facts about Himalayan salt here-above is a Salt Cave}

I’m a admirer of all seasons. Appreciating each of them for its own characteristics, weather, and unique events and baking they entail. However, summer holds a special place in my heart. Over my many years of spending each summer day at the beach I have perfected beach waves, the perfect layering outfit to attend any type of event, and the no makeup-makeup look. Nothing says summer more to me than waking up and heading to the beach. With the car loaded with towels, surf boards, reading material and a stop for ice coffee along the way, I could spend the entire day  with my toes in the sand. So with this new week just starting, I hope you are able to make time for whatever means summer to you. Happy Monday! xxxooo


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