Must have Mondays

photo 2{soaking up some sun while dusting off my surf skills}

photo 1{I forget how beautiful the canals are in Venice}

photo 3{a late night stroll through the Americana}

photo 4{new summer find: N’Ice salted caramel + chocolate gelato in a cone}

photo 5{latest summer purchase – a bunch of delicate gold necklaces}

It seems like the summer is speeding by. With the Fourth of July already behind us, I’m trying to make the most of the summer days left by making a summer to do list: 1. watch a movie outside, 2. make a bonfire on the beach, 3. discover and explore a new town within driving distance, 4. create “dream boards” of all the trips I want to take, 5. finish 2  books, 6. start and finish an art project, 7. take a walk around twilight once a week, 8. eat al fresco as much as possible, 9. play more board games, and 10. see the sunrise with a cup of coffee. Hope this inspires you to make your own summer bucket list. xxxooo


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