Must have Mondays

20130623-215736.jpg{my new Tom cashmere shoes by The Row – there like slippers}

20130623-215724.jpg{a day spent picking fresh fruits and veggies = a fresh summer salad for dinner}

20130623-215518.jpg{I don’t care how old I am (or will be), Disney is my happiest place}

20130623-215512.jpg{one of the most talented and beautiful – my personal favorite – actresses hand & foot prints at Grauman’s}

20130623-215508.jpg {admiring a very pretty Sunday sunset}

I have been trying to shake a nasty cold that I got sometime last week. It’s one of those that sneaks up on you and then all of a sudden, Thursday I was in bed a large part of the day. But with early call times for work on Saturday and Sunday I had to power through most of the day with cough drops, plenty of kleenex, and lots of hot tea. On a brighter side, with all my down time I was finally able to see the complete trilogy of Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and Before Midnight. I had heard really good things about all of them and have to agree that they are brilliant films with some of the best acting I’ve seen in a long time. The down side being it ignited my travel bug even more so… Happy Monday! xxxooo


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