Must have Mondays

20130728-171138.jpg{in the beginning stages of planning a trip to Greece}

20130728-171049.jpg{a creative take on designing this movie poster}

20130728-171059.jpg{my beach necessities}

20130728-171117.jpg{an adorable elephant sweater found here – at their store in Malibu}

20130728-171105.jpg{my drink of choice over the weekend}

Another summer month is coming to a close. So before I blink and September suddenly arrives, I’m making the most of my days off. Spending them napping on the beach, taking in more pilate/yoga classes, swimming in the pool, sipping cocktails with friends, and completing my summer wish list. I hope y’all are able to do the same. Happy Monday! Xxxooo


Carefully Cream

Carfeully Cream{Rubbish sweater, Gap leggings – (similar here), Target leopard flats, Longchamp tote}

Rubbish SweaterLeopard Flats

It must be a generational quirk. Every time I wear an article of clothing with holes in it my grandfather feels the need to poke fun of my outfit. It is rather ironic that we often pay more for things to look destroyed and tattered. As if having them that way to begin with is worthier of it being in pristine condition. I understand his humor (after all it runs in the family), and that’s why I’ll make it a point to wear this particular sweater the next time I’m with him. Happy Friday! xxxooo

Must have Mondays

Santa Barbara{exploring Montecito-and yes, I found/drove by slowly Oprah’s house}

Blueberry Lemon Scones{this weeks breakfast-homemade blueberry lemon scones}

Faint Moon{taking in the breathtaking-but hard to see here-almost full moon}

Laurel Tavern Burger{scarfing down a delicious burger on my lunch break here}

Salt Room{learned some interesting facts about Himalayan salt here-above is a Salt Cave}

I’m a admirer of all seasons. Appreciating each of them for its own characteristics, weather, and unique events and baking they entail. However, summer holds a special place in my heart. Over my many years of spending each summer day at the beach I have perfected beach waves, the perfect layering outfit to attend any type of event, and the no makeup-makeup look. Nothing says summer more to me than waking up and heading to the beach. With the car loaded with towels, surf boards, reading material and a stop for ice coffee along the way, I could spend the entire day  with my toes in the sand. So with this new week just starting, I hope you are able to make time for whatever means summer to you. Happy Monday! xxxooo

Summer Brights

full length{H&M sweater, Ralph Lauren jean shorts, H&M Belt, Ruehl sandals, Essie “Avenue Maintain” polish, Ray Ban Aviators, vintage hat}

waves viewbottom half

There’s something so serene to me about waking up, putting on a swim suite, sunscreen and spending the mornings at the beach (with coffee and a pastry of course). Going au-natural without any trace of makeup and the faint aroma of Coppertone (my summer fragrance of choice). Early mornings at the beach are my favorite moments where I can enjoy the tranquility of the hush waves crashing onto the shore without the noise of children running around or families arguing about the right way to put together a ridiculously large umbrella. Hope you are able to have an amazing weekend! xxxooo

Must have Mondays

photo 1{a fresh and easy weekend lunch}

Moon{peek-a-boo moon}

photo 3{blueberry dream cups – recipe here}

photo 2{my family motto}

photo 4{blind wine tasting with friends – a great way to wrap up the weekend}

I’ve never been one to make a life plan, goals yes but nothing like “in 5 years I want….in 10 years I hope to be…” Until this weekend I put some honest thought into what I want out of the next year. It was a serene moment when everything fell into place. It’s hard to really describe how it all just came together, but an immense part of it was just being honest with myself and realistic with the possible outcomes. I hope this encourages you to look at your circumstances and make a plan of your own. Have a wonderful week! xxxooo