Fashion Fridays: Movie Edition Part II

BecauseISaidSo{in Because I Said So Mandy Moore had the most girlie hairstyles}

BlueLagoon{every time I see Blue Lagoon it makes me want to lay outside until my skin turns to leather}

TheWomen{only Meg Ryan in The Women could pull off wild curly hair & stick straight strands – a blunt cut I’ve tried to recreate on numerous occasions}

LetterstoJuliet{Amanda Seyfried’s soft romantic looks in Letters to Juliet are something I try to recreate for weddings}

Movies are not only something to be quoted, but to get inspiration from. Whether it be fashion, food, interior decor, or in this case beauty – they are a crock pot of all things creative. The above movies are just a handful of ones that influence my hairstyle and makeup looks. Making a list of these examples helps put all these inspirations in one spot for me to refer back to. Hope this inspires you to do the same. Happy Friday! xxxooo


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