Fashion Friday: 4th of July


With holidays like Fourth of July, I find it very easy to make an outfit look over the top and cheesy. Some of my personal favorite choices include: sticking to one color scheme (like the red one above), choosing classic pieces (like a navy or cream polka dot dress – no mini mouses please), or accessorizing with patriotic items (like a striped clutch, a red belt, or a festive jacket). Whether your going to a BBQ, spending the day by some form of water, or just watching fireworks any of these ensembles are perfect (plus there’s a good chance you have something red, white, or blue already in your closet). Have a wonderful weekend! xxxooo


Fashion Fridays: Movie Edition Part II

BecauseISaidSo{in Because I Said So Mandy Moore had the most girlie hairstyles}

BlueLagoon{every time I see Blue Lagoon it makes me want to lay outside until my skin turns to leather}

TheWomen{only Meg Ryan in The Women could pull off wild curly hair & stick straight strands – a blunt cut I’ve tried to recreate on numerous occasions}

LetterstoJuliet{Amanda Seyfried’s soft romantic looks in Letters to Juliet are something I try to recreate for weddings}

Movies are not only something to be quoted, but to get inspiration from. Whether it be fashion, food, interior decor, or in this case beauty – they are a crock pot of all things creative. The above movies are just a handful of ones that influence my hairstyle and makeup looks. Making a list of these examples helps put all these inspirations in one spot for me to refer back to. Hope this inspires you to do the same. Happy Friday! xxxooo

Left My Heart in San Francisco

Bridge{fortunately we had beautiful weather for the whole weekend minus one day of June gloom}

French Toast{raspberry brioche french toast to start off a world-wind of events}

Trolly Car{even after so many trips up here, I still have yet to ride a trolly car}

The Grace{The Grace Cathedral was the most beautiful location to have the ceremony – followed by the reception at the de Young Museum}

Bride{a little glimpse at the gorgeous bride/sister-to-be}

Wedding{they payed attention to every single tiny detail and it resulted in the most beautiful wedding}

After 9 months of planning my brother married the most beautiful bride in what was a perfect ceremony. All of our family and friends made the trek to San Francisco to help us celebrate a very special time in our lives. The attention to detail was unparalleled. The love and appreciation that the bride and groom have for all their guests was expressed in every way possible. After 3 full days of events I can safely say that although I may have the post -party blues, I am in need of a few good nights sleep.

Fashion Fridays: Movie Edition

LifeasWeKnowIt{Katherine Heigl – in Life as We Know It – effortlessly put together some very chic outfits, including pulling off a quintessential fall ensemble with a bunny face paint}

FriendswithKids{Jennifer Westfeldt – in Friends with Kids – had a beautiful assortment of winter boots & coats to swoon over, plus her hair in this film is perfectly beautiful}

HowtoLoseaGuyin10Days{Kate Hudson – in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days – is my classic all-American jeans & a white tank inspiration in this specific scene – not to mention the gorgeous yellow gold gown she wears at the end of the film}

SexandtheCity2{and of course…Sarah Jessica Parker – in Sex and The City 2 – a ball gown skirt paired with a simple t-shirt is only something I one day hope to be able to pull off}

As big of a movie buff as I am, there are always those odd, random movies that I love to watch for the fashion. They are not always the obvious choices either (minus Sex and The City). Without including some of the classic choices like – Annie Hall, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Flash Dance, The Great Gatsby, etc. I dug deep into my movie library to bring you the exact outfits that I am (or was at some point in my life) most inspired by. Happy Friday! xxxooo

Top Knot

whispstopknotback knot

As one with a lot of hair (which is extremely thick I might add) I’m constantly putting it up to keep it out of my way. Now I read somewhere that girls with a lot of hair can’t or shouldn’t do a top knot, but I strongly disagree. Gathering all your hair into a high pony tail at the crown of your head, twist your hair into a bun and secure with these – my hair savers – that I found at the drug store. Next, pull a few stray hairs down the side of your face to keep the look from being too formal.