Disney’s Treasures

disneytreasuremap{an old map of disneyland}FairytaleBooks{beautifully ornate fairytale books}hauntedhouse{figures & props from my favorite ride – the Haunted Mansion}Costumes{Cruella de Vil’s costume & Amy Adam’s costume from Enchanted}sleepingbeauty{the dragon figure from Sleeping Beauty & a vintage Mickey}Costumes2{Tinker bell’s costume worn by Tina Fey in a Disney ad & Snow White’s infamous dress}images{a collage of Disney characters & movies} Posters{vintage Disneyland park posters}tron{the “mobile” from the movie Tron}timburton{movie props from Tim Burton’s Alison in Wonderland}

There is one place that as an adult you can go and still be considered a child. Disneyland has always been a magical place to me, even now in my 20’s. I try to go at least once a year to renew my childlike spirit but this year I haven’t been able to, so when I heard they were having an exhibit at the Reagan Library I jumped at the chance to go. It was filled with lots of new and old treasures, including some old theme park posters which I want to start collecting. And of course beautiful costumes from various movies. Although I thought this might be able to get me through a year without actually going to Disneyland, it only made me want to go that much more.


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