Spring Cleaning


{a chandelier & displaying your prettiest purses on hooks makes for a luxurious closet to walk into}


{keep the shape of your boots with these & add deodorizer to eliminate odors / fold jeans & pants – dividing them into categories like boot cut, skinny, & non-jeans}


{choose velvet clothes hangers – like these – to keep clothes from slipping}


{for extra storage put in hooks on your closet door to hang robes or long purses}


{everyone has random knick-knacks they don’t know what to do with – I put mine in big bins that fit nicely along side my chest of drawers / socks and belts can best be divided in a shallow drawer with these custom interlocking dividers}


{to display statement necklaces I hung them on pins onto a bulletin board / delicate necklaces are hung on a manequin while more sturdier ones are hung on nails}


{display larger bracelets on a plate & hang bangles on simple hooks – the kind sold at any market or drug store}


{for delicate bracelets, rings, & earrings I put them in various tea cups & jewelry cases / statement earrings & bracelets are stored away in a box divider – similar here}

Spring cleaning is something I’m pretty consistent on, but this year I wanted to do a deep cleanse on my closet. Get rid of anything that doesn’t fit, hasn’t been worn in a year, or is damaged. I was pretty strict at the beginning but then as I got deeper into my wardrobe I found a lot of items I hadn’t worn in awhile still fit and looked good on. So I made a vow to wear new things in the next month and if I didn’t then I would donate them. I finally went through all my jeans (I’m ashamed to say I had about 20 pairs and I only consistently wear about 4 of them). It is a spiritual feeling once the process is all said and done. I sometimes just stumble into my closet to gaze at how pretty everything looks.


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