That Ol’ Pair


{tools – scissors, pencil, and ribbon}


{step 1: punch a hole where you want the ribbon to insert, repeat on opposite side}


{step 2: lead ribbon through the holes with a dull pencil, repeat on opposite side}


{step 3: pull ribbon all the way through till desired length is achieved then cut equally on both sides}


I bought these shoes over two years ago and have worn them maybe a total of 3 times since. They lacked a backing so I found myself teetering and tottering in them as I walked. So I came up with the idea of adding a ribbon tie (similar to the ballerina look) to the back as a way to stable myself and be able to wear the shoes more often. Let me mention that I didn’t spend a fortune on them so the idea of punching holes into the lace fabric wasn’t going to be a punch to gut. Plus the tools needed for this project can be found around the house. Now without spending a dime I’ve upgraded a pair of heels that barely have seen the light of day into an easy to wear stable.


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