Box Clutch


{what you will need + tiny screw drivers – hint: you can use wood glue instead of fabric glue}


{unscrew all fixtures and hinges on your box}


{measure out the dimensions – inside and out – with a pencil onto the back of your paper/fabric then cut out each individual sides shape}


{begin painting the glue onto wood surface and then add your material and press down for 30 sec. – hint: if you paint the box the color of your material before glueing it helps hide imperfections}


{finally screw box back together and add your button unto the front clasp using wire to loop through}

Despite my creative thumb (and brain) I’m rather new to the whole DIY world. That is until I found this amazing blog, where she DIY’s everything. So I decided to try my hand at one of the post which was creating a clutch from a wooden box. The materials won’t break the bank and you will most likely reuse them in the future. Plus after about an hour you have an adorably chic clutch.


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