Hand Chain

final supplies

{what you’ll need + wire cutters, flat head & need-nose pliers}


{step 1: measure the chain and cut 2 pieces 3″ long, another 2.5″, and the last one 2″. step 2: cut a 3′ piece of wire, take the 2.5″ chain and loop both ends of the chain onto the wire, then make a knot.}


{step 3: add one end of the 2″ chain to the same wire and create another knot so that both chains are securely fasten, cut off excess wire. step 4: cut a 4″ piece of wire and loop it thru the opposite end of the 2″ chain create a knot after, then add a bead onto the wire and make a knot to secure the bead – repeat 3 more times.}


{step 5: secure one end of both the 3″ pieces of chain onto the wire you used in step 4, tie a knot and cut off extra wire. step 6: cut two pieces of 2″ wire, take one end of one of 3″ pieces and secure part of the chain clasp on one end, the loop clasp on the other 3″ end, tie knots to secure the pieces and cut off the remaining wire.}

photo 1

{my 2nd rendition with purple beads and a different bead pattern – instead of using a 2″ chain like in step 3, use 2 1″ pieces of chain with a bead in the middle connecting them with the wire}

A year ago a friend of mine – who is in the process of making her own jewelry line – was wearing a hand chain. At the time I had never seen one before and was mystified as to what it was. Jump forward to now, and I see them everywhere. I had my eye on this Rachel Roy one in December, but found it a bit out of my price range. So when I saw this DIY post I decided to do it myself and for a fraction of the cost. My second rendition turned out better than my first, mixing up the bead pattern and I choose to paint the beads a pastel purple to wear this spring.


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