Moons and Glitter, Oh My


{supplies: reinforcement labels, nude colored polish – essie sandy beach, & opi my vampires is buff – glitter polish – the living daylights, clear polish, and nail polish removed}


{step 1: cut labels in half and put at the bottom – or top – of your nails then add base coat}

{step 2: add 3 coats of the nude colored polish and let dry}
photo 5

{step 3: remove labels, and add 2 coats of the glitter polish and then topcoat}


I find nail art to be a slippery slope. There’s a thin line between nails that are effortlessly cute and something that’s over the top, ridiculous. The half moon technique is on the right side of that line. It’s easy to do and looks beautiful when stepped up with a glittery polish. It is the perfect accessory for a Vegas trip, a New Years Eve party, or any other special occasion.


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