Get the Look

BrooklynDecker GettheLook{findersKEEPERS top, H&M pencil skirt, vince camuto cuff bracelet, vince suede pumps}

I barely (want to) remember the days when putting your midriff on display was trendy. And I would never have predicted that showing a little skin like Brooklyn Decker does here would be something I’d want to replicate. Surprisingly enough this look makes showing a tiny piece of stomach rather conservative and classy. With keeping the accessories to a bare minimum it really completes the look.


Box Clutch


{what you will need + tiny screw drivers – hint: you can use wood glue instead of fabric glue}


{unscrew all fixtures and hinges on your box}


{measure out the dimensions – inside and out – with a pencil onto the back of your paper/fabric then cut out each individual sides shape}


{begin painting the glue onto wood surface and then add your material and press down for 30 sec. – hint: if you paint the box the color of your material before glueing it helps hide imperfections}


{finally screw box back together and add your button unto the front clasp using wire to loop through}

Despite my creative thumb (and brain) I’m rather new to the whole DIY world. That is until I found this amazing blog, where she DIY’s everything. So I decided to try my hand at one of the post which was creating a clutch from a wooden box. The materials won’t break the bank and you will most likely reuse them in the future. Plus after about an hour you have an adorably chic clutch.

Must have Mondays

photo 1

{reclaimed wood columns and arch I would like to use one day}

Screen shot 2013-03-24 at 9.44.37 PM

{the best way to wakeup on workdays with a simulated sunrise machine}


{found these two love birds in a new nest in our backyard}

Screen shot 2013-03-24 at 10.01.06 PM

{wish list: a neutral pair of chuck taylors}
rose{a glass of my favorite rose by lincourt winery}

Hope y’all had a enjoyable weekend! Happy Monday. xxxooo

Spring Fashion Bucket List

photo 1

{stripes + floral print = a perfect pair}


{pair a neutral outfit with a bold coat or trench}

photo 2

{playful girly pumps}


{back in black with big gold statement pieces}

photo 5

{mix pops of color with boyfriend jeans and a simple black & white top}

Last week I had an iChat date with my best friend. Somewhere in the conversation I was showing her my newly organized jewelry in my closet. Upon seeing it she made the comment that I owned a lot of clothes. Now I know my closet is filled with a large sum of articles but it is nothing compared to any of the Kardashian’s numerous closets, so I never put much thought into it. But when she said that, it struck accord with me that she was absolutely right, and many of my clothes I haven’t worn in years! So this spring I want to make a more conscious effort to wear some hidden jewels of mine and mix them up in unexpected ways.

Cinnamon Rolls

photo 1 photo 2photo 4 photo 2

When the weather is cold and drizzly the most comforting thing for me to eat are hot out of the oven cinnamon rolls. While we had our fair share of “bad” weather last week I made these last minute treats one morning. With only a few products in my pantry I made due with what I had (cream cheese, cinnamon, butter, powder sugar, vanilla extract, and crescent rolls). And the result was incredibly delicious!