Vanity Tutorial

overallphoto 5

{begin with a clean space}


{add oversized pictures – choose an odd number of images to display}


{pick a pretty tray}


{add a small bunch of flowers for a pop of color}


{time to display all your pretty perfume bottles – again try to stick with an odd number}


{include something retro – like this large clock so your always on time}


{add some pillar candles}

trayoverall{finally…put all your make-up brushes together – mine are in a mason jar – and bundle up lipsticks in a corner to finish off the tray}

Vanities are one of those classic pieces of furniture that every girl should own. Whether it be a desk used/decorated as a vanity (see above) or a vintage family heirloom. Realistically, they can be more functional than their reputation. I’ve had one in my room since I was 9 – I started with a beautiful family antique that my great grandmother used to use. It was a dark stained wood with intricate carvings but simple in its overall design, a true classic vanity. As i reached my teenage years I wanted something that would be more versatile and could hold more storage, so I got a oversize, bulky desk. I always used some part of it as my vanity; this past fall I took the top part of the desk off and did a complete transformation into a true vanity. Just make sure to keep yours functional for whatever use fits your needs best and that it is attractive to look at.


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