Oscar Party


{diy invitations we sent out to all our guest}


{popcorn bar – various flavors, butters, and other add ons}


{champagne bar – stick with 3 simple fruit syrups and let guest mix their own}


{sundae bar – choose fun toppings from candy to nuts and don’t forget the sauces}

While the stars are dripping with diamonds and fancy designer gowns, eating delicious 5 course meals and drinking Dom Perignon. Us mortals are sitting in our living rooms glued to the TV to see which star will cause some sort of drama first. Its a tradition in my house to hold an Oscar party ever year. We invite close friends and everyone has to fill out a ballot before the awards begin and whomever gets the most answers right wins the prize (a mini oscar statue). Last year we started adding red carpet bingo to the mix and the food is all about simple finger food. This year I wanted to play up on the “bar” theme. Creating different make your own types of stations featuring – popcorn, champagne, and sundaes. Hope this inspires you to have fun on Sunday and relax and enjoy the show!


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