Vanity Tutorial

overallphoto 5

{begin with a clean space}


{add oversized pictures – choose an odd number of images to display}


{pick a pretty tray}


{add a small bunch of flowers for a pop of color}


{time to display all your pretty perfume bottles – again try to stick with an odd number}


{include something retro – like this large clock so your always on time}


{add some pillar candles}

trayoverall{finally…put all your make-up brushes together – mine are in a mason jar – and bundle up lipsticks in a corner to finish off the tray}

Vanities are one of those classic pieces of furniture that every girl should own. Whether it be a desk used/decorated as a vanity (see above) or a vintage family heirloom. Realistically, they can be more functional than their reputation. I’ve had one in my room since I was 9 – I started with a beautiful family antique that my great grandmother used to use. It was a dark stained wood with intricate carvings but simple in its overall design, a true classic vanity. As i reached my teenage years I wanted something that would be more versatile and could hold more storage, so I got a oversize, bulky desk. I always used some part of it as my vanity; this past fall I took the top part of the desk off and did a complete transformation into a true vanity. Just make sure to keep yours functional for whatever use fits your needs best and that it is attractive to look at.


Must have Mondays

photo 2

{a quiet, relaxing friday evening with two of my favorite things}


{hands down favorite oscar look – hair, makeup, the dress…everything was gorgeous}

photo 3

{enjoying some leftover valentines chocolate}


{diy shoe makeover}

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

{jennifer lawrence’s back necklace was so inspired, she looked like a princess}

The oscars were hilarious this year, Seth McFarlane as host was a genius idea. Although I didn’t win either Oscar bingo or the ballot I was still able to enjoy the company of friends and family and eat some yummy food. Hope y’all had a wonderful, relaxing weekend! Happy Monday. xxxooo

FF: Get the Look

minkakelley{minka kelley}

{vince leather tee, alexis bittar bangle, alice + olivia floral jeans, boutique 9 platforms, natasha couture clutchmarc by marc jacobs ring, ariella collection band}

There’s something about floral prints that up until this season I haven’t been attracted to. Maybe its because the most recent patterns on blazers, tees, and pants reflect a more graphical, modern design than what we’ve seen in the past. What I like about this outfit is the unlikely relationship between the colorful impact of the floral jeans and the bold, streamlined texture of the leather retains a modern look. While keeping the accessories in the same general color pallet with simple, minimal structure, just like Minka did above. Have a wonderful weekend! xxxooo

Oscar Party


{diy invitations we sent out to all our guest}


{popcorn bar – various flavors, butters, and other add ons}


{champagne bar – stick with 3 simple fruit syrups and let guest mix their own}


{sundae bar – choose fun toppings from candy to nuts and don’t forget the sauces}

While the stars are dripping with diamonds and fancy designer gowns, eating delicious 5 course meals and drinking Dom Perignon. Us mortals are sitting in our living rooms glued to the TV to see which star will cause some sort of drama first. Its a tradition in my house to hold an Oscar party ever year. We invite close friends and everyone has to fill out a ballot before the awards begin and whomever gets the most answers right wins the prize (a mini oscar statue). Last year we started adding red carpet bingo to the mix and the food is all about simple finger food. This year I wanted to play up on the “bar” theme. Creating different make your own types of stations featuring – popcorn, champagne, and sundaes. Hope this inspires you to have fun on Sunday and relax and enjoy the show!

Must have Mondays

book{laudree’s book on entertaining – one of the prettiest books i’ve ever seen}


{birthday cupcake from sprinkles}


{diy box purse before and after}

bottega louie

{surprise birthday box full of macaroons from bottega louie}


{quirky wine label design}

Birthdays are one of those events that as you get older aren’t as celebrated as they once were when you’re a child. Luckily for me, my family is big on the birthdays. So this past week as I turned one more year older, my friends and family spoiled me greatly. It was just another reminder of how blessed I am to have such extraordinary people in my life. Hope your weekend and Valentine’s Day was spent with the one(s) you love. xxxooo