Stanley Kubrick

capp poster2

{kubrick movie posters}photo 2

{revised scripts from the shining}clockwork orange

{a clockwork orange props}photo 3

{costumes from the shining}photo 4

{original typewriter that jack nicholson used in the shining}posters

{more  movie posters}

As a member of a family that are big movie buffs, the Kubrick exhibit at LACMA was right up our alley. I specifically wanted to take my dad as some of the films are his favorites. It was a fun family outing that doesn’t happen very often. Plus it added a few new films to my classic movie list to see over the next few weeks.


Must have Mondays


{a pair of new sunnies + a delicious capp = sunday funday}


{enjoying my lunch break in stars hollow}


{taking advantage of the cold friday night before my surgery}


{my cuddle buddy for the next few weeks of recovery}

photo 3

{the coldest beer i’ve ever had}

The past few months have been a little difficult with trying to figure out my foot issues. But this Wednesday marks the long process of my slow road to recovery (fingers crossed). So over the weekend I took advantage of going out as much as possible and trying to do anything but sit or lie down since that’ll be my position for the next few weeks. Monday and Tuesday will be spent doing all the little extra work that needs to be done while collecting stacks of books, magazines and movies to enjoy my down time. Happy Monday to you all! xxxooo

Fashion Fridays


{urban outfitters sweaters, restoration hardware faux fur scarf, american apparel faux leather leggings, onna ehrlich “maya” purse, vintage jewelry}



Sometimes anything faux fur is just a necessity. Forget the fact that I live in Southern California, where the weather is consistently around the mid 70’s. I am constantly attracted to all things: sequined, striped, and fury. There is nothing better than an article of clothing that not only keeps you warm but is also soft and fun to pet (…just kidding). This scarf was a perfect addition to my already large scarf collection (non of which are fur). Top off a simple relaxed outfit consisting of a white t-shirt, faux leather leggings, a long nautical navy sweater, black boots and delicate jewelry, with this fury piece and it pulls everything together without looking overdone or ridiculous. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! xxxooo

How to: Line your Draws

photo 4

{supplies: scissors, double sided tape, and (un)scented liners}

photo 3

{clean, empty drawer}

photo 1

{measure, cut, tape and lay down lining}

photo 2

{cleanly lined and reorganized sock/jewelry drawer – sock dividers from the container store}

As much of an organize freak as I am, I have never lined my drawers. I’ve had this large chest of drawers since I was born and it’s a family heirloom so it was in need of a little TLC. There is nothing wrong with the drawers or the overall structure but some of the wood was splintering inside and tearing at my clothes. So all I needed were liners. I found lavender scented ones at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and the rest of the supplies I had around the house. Once I emptied out all the content, wiped down the insides to gather up any loose particles so the lining lays completely flat. Next measure the bottom and cut the lining accordingly (you might need two sheets depending on the size of your drawer/lining). Then layout double sided tape on the top and sides, finish off by laying the lining down and smoothing it out. Now all that is left to do is reorganize each drawer (my favorite part). My one tip for this DIY is, if you’re going to do it make sure you take your time to do it right. It’s a simple but time-consuming task and is not worth attempting unless you do it the correct way.

Must have Mondays



{sipping on a large cup of joe topped off with peppermint whip cream}


photo 3

{christmas gift made by my brother memorializing my europe trip}

photo 1

{a perfect beach day in the middle of january}

chicken broth

{enjoying a long lunch at neimans}

photo 2

{this adorable face brightens up my days}

Like most weekends, this one went by too fast. It was spent doing nothing particularly exciting or special, but enjoying the company of those around me. So I hope that today is more fun with a lot of you enjoying an extra day off work. Happy Monday and Martin Luther King Jr. Day! xxxooo