DIY Sequin Elbow Patches

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photo 4

photo 5

photo 4

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I love sequins a tad more than the average person, so when I found this post on how to make your own sequin elbow patches I instantly ran to get the materials. You can find ready-made iron on elbow matches at JoAnn’s along with sequin fabric and some thread (that matches your sweater/sequins) to sew one onto the other. First, you cut the sequin fabric to the exact size of the patches and then sew together. Next lay the sweater flat onto a clean surface to mark exactly where on both sleeves you want the patches. Then pin both in place to make sure that they are equal. Now you can either sew the elbow patches onto the sweater or iron them on. If you choose to iron them on, put a kitchen towel over the patches and then hold the iron over the area for about 30 seconds. It was my experience that the iron on does not hold as well, so I do recommend sewing the patches directly to the sweater for maxim grip.


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