Must have Mondays: 2012


2012 was a unique year to say the least. With college behind me and a full year of endless possibilities ahead. I was blessed to have an abundant amount of traveling at my disposal, including the most perfect Europe trip I could ever ask for. Along with 2 weddings, a surprise family engagement and unforeseen foot issues. It is a year I am thankful to have experienced but am looking forward to putting in my past and welcoming 2013. So here is to a new, wonderful year to come, happy New Years to you and yours! xxxooo


Fashion Fridays: Get the Look


Get the Look

With all the Holiday parties slowly coming to an end my inspiration can run a little dry. That is when I found this spin on a pant suite. The length, comfort, and color of the pants are my favorite part to the entire outfit. Although they run a bit on the expensive side, their a staple for any closet and can be worn all year long. Have a relaxing weekend! xxxooo

Must have Mondays: Christmas Edition

xmas balls

{its the little details}

christmas sweaters

{christmas sweaters}


{my version of a christmas village…disneyland}


{sneak peak at my christmas dessert preparations…glittered fondant stars}


{taking time to give back to those less fortunate}

xmas tree

{our family tree}

My family traditionally spends Christmas in Texas with the rest of my extended family. ┬áBut this year marks our 5th time in my life time staying in town. And since our family won’t be joining us on Christmas day we decided to open our home to our closest friends for a fun-filled Christmas day! I’ve finalized the dessert menu and am on to deciphering which games to play after dinner (and naps of course). Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! xxxooo

Last Minute Gift Ideas

gt_geransugar01_l{flavored sugars}

264938390550657852_77gEl7hz_c{candy canes dipped in white chocolate and sprinkles}

Candid Oranges{jar of candid orange and lemon peels}

candle11{teacup homemade candles}

shortbread-l{shortbread cookie sampler}

Mulled Wine{wine mulling spices}

Homemade gifts are one of those things that can either be extremely thoughtful and creative or a terrible disaster. I stumbled upon these six ideas on various sites and found them to be rather foolproof with maximum thoughtfulness. So if your one of those who waits till the weekend before Christmas do to all your shopping these ideas are great to whip up on a Saturday afternoon. Have a wonderful weekend y’all! xxxooo