Fashion Fridays: Thanksgiving Edition

{volunteer time/morning in the kitchen time}

{casual day with friends and family}

{meeting the parents}

{a semi-formal dinner}

{formal dinner event}

I’m a proponent of matching my attire to the occasion. Thanksgiving = warm, neutral tones, Christmas = red and green, Valentine’s Day/my Birthday = pinks, reds, purples, and as many sequins as age appropriate, and you get the idea. So for Thanksgiving there are so many varieties on what to wear depending on what you are doing. Traditionally, my mom and I cook all day while the guys watch football (and do nothing but complain about when dinner is) and then have a few family friends over for a casual early dinner, nap, and then a trip to see a movie. But this year things are changing up a bit and I’m going over to my boyfriend’s dad’s house for dinner after my family and I work at Salvation Army that morning. So I’m going super casual (like the first concept) for the morning and then a mix between semi-formal and casual later for dinner. Have a great weekend! xxxooo


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