Must have Mondays

{perfect way to spend a rare rainy afternoon}

{soaking up a hint of sun on what remained a chilly weekend}

{unique gold embellished ceiling at neimans}

{a delicious new holiday find}

{a delicately detailed hat i found on my trip to london}

Even with fall being my favorite season, I’m still not a fan of it turning dark before 6pm. This past week has been a strangely unique one to say the least. I’ve miss placed several rather important items of mine and have absolutely NO clue as to their whereabouts. And this day light savings time change is really taking a toll. I have been falling asleep as early as 8 only to wake up on my normal routine. It seems that every year when I look back onto this favorite season of mine I’m conveniently left with amnesia on how hard it is to adjust to gaining an hour. Happy Monday! xxxooo


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