Must have Mondays

{delicious display of sweet temptations}

{some of my favorite classics]


{sunday mimosas + a beautiful day at the beach = a perfect way to wind down the weekend}


{the 2nd cutest face around my house}


{giant version of tic-tack-toe}

My big project lately is converting old vinyl to mp3s. Both my parents have a numerous amount of records, some amazing (Queen) others not so much (Ice Castles Soundtrack). I’m still one of the few out there who goes out and purchases CD’s. Recently it was the new Taylor Swift RED (highly disappointed in the road that her song “writing” is going I must say). But listening to these old classic rock bands really makes me miss the music of the 70’s/80’s. Besides being a huge country fan I am diving deeper into being a big classic rock fan too. Happy Monday! xxxooo



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