Christmas Gifts Under $25

1. All Occasion Card Set 2. Traveling Sewing Kit 3. Home Fragrance 4. Vintage Wall Calendar 5. Golden Trellis Frame 6. Candy Cane Lane 3 in 1 Shampoo, Shower Gel, & Bubble Bath 7. Spotted Pave Ball Stud Earring 8. The Little Dictionary of Fashion Book 9. Slate Place Cards (Set of 10) 10. Flora Rolling Pin

Hostess gifts are one of my (many) favorite things to shop for and during the Holidays it seems like you need one every weekend. They are those unforeseen, quirky finds that put a smile on someone’s face. My plan is usually to think of the hostess’ hobbies/likes/dislikes and search for an unexpected treasure for $25 or under off that list. Candles, a bottle of wine, and flowers are usually the go to items but it is always nice to go outside the box and personalize the gift a bit more. Have a wonderful weekend! xxxooo


Pumpkin Cranberry Bunt Cake

The minute the calendar turns September my taste buds crave pumpkin. Its one of the few flavors I save to bake with at a certain time of year, like peppermint for Christmas. I love it in everything sweet (except pies and cheesecakes) from ice-cream to lattes to macaroons. So when I found this recipe mixing two fall favorites (pumpkin and cranberries) I couldn’t help myself. I would recommend chopping up the dried cranberries (I got a little lazy) as the directions request and I left out the apples since I’m not too big a fan of them cooked.

Must have Mondays

{indulging a little red velvet craving}

{wardrobe idea for a vintage t-shirt}

{a cute substitution for the real deal}

{over the top “hollywood” pumps}

{my view in the mornings}

Last week was one of those weeks that fit the saying “live in the moment.” I was looking forward to all the small moments of the week: my brother arriving from Boston, baking like crazy, babysitting my adorable neighbors, volunteering for Salvation Army, Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas decorating, alumni water polo game, and a trip to Ikea. And I can honestly say I enjoyed each event while it lasted. It truly was a thankful Thanksgiving week. Hope your week/weekend was just as wonderful! xxxooo

ELCA World Hunger



With Thanksgiving tomorrow it reminds me of how blessed I am. Many around the world are not as fortunate as my friends and family. So during this time of year I like to give back as much as possible, whether that’s volunteering my time to handing out gifts to underprivileged children or donating money so a school can afford a set of books. One thing that my church does every year is work with the ELCA to raise money for food, school supplies, and much more. Even with times being hard for everyone, it’s a nice reminder to be thankful for everything in my life and be able to help those who need in any way I can. Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!