Purse Organization

Organizing is one of my strange talents as well as a favorite hobby I’m borderline OCD. I clean out my closet more times a year than I’ll admit. And with fall slowly approaching I made a big purchase on a beautiful Ralph Lauren purse. Its brown leather, delicate stitching, and handle options makes it an ultimate classic. And a new purse means emptying out the old and reorganizing for the new. So here are a few pointers that I find extremely helpful.

Mini zip pouches are a stable when organizing for larger shoulder purses. Many times I use the bags that come free with makeup purchases and travel size products. Organize into categories as follows:

  1. Sunglasses 2. 1st aide – medicine, band-aids, anti-bacterial 3. hand lotion 4. makeup – eyeliner, mascara, concealer, blush, lip-gloss, hair brush 5. wallet – money, credit cards, coupons, headphones 6. tampons 7. nail kit – file, scissors, clippers, tweezers 7. eyeglasses


Keep go-to items (anti-bacterial lotion, face powder, mints, and chap-stick) in the front side pockets.

Now no more digging and around for things.


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