Fashion Fridays

{dress coldwater creek, belt ann taylor}


{1 year anniversary necklace}


{silver bracelet given to me by my aunt and cousin for graduation + friendship bracelet}

Summer has come and gone so fast this year. There is nothing that can compare to waking up throwing on a swim suite and going out the door. As much as I love this season I’m excited for the crisp breezes, the comfy sweaters, and the pumpkin spiced everything. Were ending the season on a perfect note – going to see a concert at the Hollywood Bowl tonight and then game day all day saturday downtown. Hope y’all have a wonderful 3 day weekend! xxxooo



Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

{sifting flour creates more air in the batter}

{tin foil = easy clean up}

The 4 C’s are a stable to your basic baking know-how. They are one of the easiest recipes but everyone seems to have their own favorite spin or family secret to them. I used this basic recipe but added a few personal touches – sifting the dry ingredients to the wet for extra fluffy-ness, 1/2 cup more of chocolate chips,  a sprinkle of Himalayan salt to the top.

Must have Mondays

{worn out beach signs in malibu}

{hair envy}

{drinks at the standard downtown}


{fun inspired school supplies}

{tranquil view}

Some major things took place this weekend that I can’t share just yet, but its an exciting time. Besides all the mystery it was a beautiful weekend spent doing some major errands downtown, relaxing on the sand in Malibu, and enjoying the company of friends and family. Hope y’all had a wonderful weekend as well. xxxooo

Fashion Fridays

{cut off banana republic jeans}

{victoria secret bathing suite top + tank}


{simple wood inspired bracelet + opi “the thrill of brazil” polish}

This summer I have been blessed enough to basically live in my swim suite. So I got a little creative on my beach cover ups. I had these old white jeans that I got at a ridiculously low price from banana years ago so I cut them myself and turned them into shorts. Next was a halter top swim suite that was pretty enough to look like a necklace with a tank top thrown on top. Usually I’m against jewelry at the beach or pool, its too fussy to be swimming around with. But with this simple bangle and my usual rings that never leave my fingers it felt light enough to wrestle the waves and sand.

Wine Labels

Wine labels are a complex thing. Like a book cover they can be judged solely by their appearance. I don’t consider myself a wine snob, some of my most favorite bottles are 2 buck chuck. So when I see a well designed label that alone can determine whether or not a buy that particular brand. Only later does the year, type of grape, and location seem to matter.